How to Record in Vrchat

In VRChat, you can use either the in-game recording feature, or external software like OBS Studio, to record your gameplay. Both methods have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which one you want to use. If you want to record in-game footage with the built-in recorder, all you need to do is press the “Record” button in the VRChat UI.

This will start recording your gameplay from your current perspective, including any audio that’s playing. The downside of this method is that it doesn’t allow you to edit your footage later on.

How to Record VRChat! (CAMERA VIEW)

  • To record in VRChat, you’ll need to have the SteamVR plugin installed and be running the game in SteamVR mode
  • Once you’re in-game, press the menu button on your controller to open the VRChat interface
  • Navigate to the Settings tab, then select Video from the options on the left
  • Check the box next to Enable Recording, then select a recording quality and resolution from the drop-down menus below
  • Press the Record button at the bottom of the screen to begin recording your gameplay footage!

How to Record on Vrchat Pc

Recording on VRChat is a bit different than recording on other platforms. To start, you’ll need to download and install OBS Studio. Once you have that set up, open VRChat and go to the world you want to record.

When you’re in the world, press the “Menu” button on your controller and select “Settings.” In the settings menu, select “Video” and change the resolution to 1920×1080. Now go back to OBS Studio and create a new scene.

In the scene, add a new source by clicking the “+” icon at the bottom of the sources list. Select “Window Capture” from the list of options and choose VRChat from the drop-down menu. This will capture everything that’s happening in VRChat.

Now that your scene is set up, it’s time to start recording! To do this, click the “Start Recording” button at the bottom of OBS Studio. Once you’re done recording, press “Stop Recording” and your video will be saved to your computer.

You can then edit it however you like or upload it directly to YouTube or another platform. Recording on VRChat is a great way to capture memories with friends or share your favorite moments with others. With just a few simple steps, you can start recording your own videos today!

How to Record in Vrchat on Quest

Recording in VRChat on Quest is easy! Just follow these simple steps: 1. Make sure you have the latest version of VRChat installed on your Quest.

2. Connect your Quest to your computer using the USB cable. 3. Launch VRChat on your computer and log in with your account. 4. In VRChat, go to Settings > General and enable the “Allow Recording” option.

5. Put on your Quest headset and enter a world in VRChat.

How to Record on Vrchat Camera Without Pc

In order to record on VRChat without a PC, you will need to have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and the relevant software installed. Then, you can simply launch the game, choose your world and start recording with the in-game tools. If you want to edit your recordings later, we recommend using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

How to Use Camera in Vrchat Quest 2

If you want to use your Quest 2 camera in VRChat, there are a few things you need to do first. You’ll need to enable the camera in the Quest 2 settings and then calibrate it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to use the camera in VRChat.

To enable the camera, go to Settings > Devices > Camera and toggle on Allow Camera Usage. If this is your first time using the Quest 2 camera, you’ll also need to Calibrate Now. If you skip this step, the image from your Quest 2 will appear upside down in VRChat.

Once you’ve enabled and calibrated the Quest 2 camera, launch VRChat and put on your headset. In VRChat, go to Preferences > Graphics > Advanced Graphics Settings. Enable Use Desktop Game Capture under Video Input Source and select your Quest 2 as the video device.

Then close the preferences window and enjoy using your Quest 2 camera in VRChat!

Vrchat Stream Camera Quest 2

Hey everyone! In this post, we’ll be discussing the Vrchat Stream Camera Quest 2 and how to complete it. This quest is a bit different from the first one in that you’ll need to use the VRChat SDK to complete it.

However, don’t worry, it’s not too difficult. First, open up your SDK and go to the “Quest” tab. Then, select “Stream Camera Quest 2” from the list of quests.

Now, you’ll see a window with two options: “Create Quest” and “Load Quest”. Choose “Create Quest”. A new window will pop up asking you for some information about your quest.

Fill out the form and then click “OK”. Your quest will now be created! The next step is to add some objectives.

To do this, click on the “Objectives” tab and then click on the “+” icon. A new objective window will appear. Here, you can choose what type of objective you want to add as well as fill out any other necessary information.

Once you’re done, click “OK”. Repeat this process until you have added all of the objectives for your quest. When you’re finished, click on the “Build & Publish” button at the bottom of the screen.

Your quest is now ready to be played by others!

Vrchat Stream Camera 2022

There’s a new way to show off your VRChat world to your friends and followers, and it’s called the Stream Camera. The Stream Camera is a new tool that lets you capture high-quality footage of your VRChat world, and then share it online with ease. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stream Camera in VRChat.

The Stream Camera is a new tool that allows you to easily capture and share high-quality footage of your VRChat world. To use the Stream Camera, simply select it from your world list and press the “Start Streaming” button. Once you’ve started streaming, you can move around your world and explore while the camera automatically records your footage.

When you’re finished streaming, simply press the “Stop Streaming” button and your footage will be saved automatically. You can then share your footage online with ease, or even edit it using our built-in video editor. The possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your worlds in a whole new way with the Stream Camera today!

How to Record in Vrchat


How Do You Start Recording on Vrchat?

Assuming you would like a tutorial on how to start recording VRChat gameplay: Before starting, you will need to have the following things set up and ready to go: – A powerful computer that can handle recording high quality video and audio.

– Recording software such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Bandicam, or Dxtory. – A good microphone for clear audio. – If you plan on showing your face in the recordings, a webcam is necessary.

Now that you have everything set up, let’s get into how to actually start recording! 1) Start by opening up your recording software of choice. For this tutorial we will be using OBS.

2) Once OBS is open, create a new scene by clicking the “+” icon at the bottom left of the window. Name your scene whatever you like, then hit “OK”. 3) A new window should pop up asking what kind of sources you would like to use in this scene.

To record VRChat gameplay, we only need two things: game capture and audio input device. Select “Game Capture” from the list and hit “OK”. Another window should appear asking which game you want to capture; select “VRChat” from the list and hit “OK” again.

At this point, your game should now be captured in OBS! The final thing we need to do is add our audio input device so people can hear us talking during gameplay. Go back to the sources list mentioned in step 3 and select “Audio Input Device”.

Hit “OK”, then make sure your microphone is selected from the dropdown menu under properties before hitting “OK” one last time. And that’s it! You are now all set up and ready to start recording VRChat gameplay footage!

Can You Record Vrchat on Quest?

Yes, you can record VRChat on Quest! You’ll need to use the Oculus Quest’s built-in screen recording feature in order to do so. Here’s how:

1. Open the Oculus app on your phone. 2. Go to Settings > Device Settings >Quest > Developer Mode and turn on Developer Mode. 3. Connect your Quest to your computer using a USB cable.

4. In the Oculus app, go to Library > Unknown Sources and select Allow All Installations from Unknown Sources 5 On your computer, open SideQuest (if you don’t have it already, you can download it here). 6 In SideQuest, find VRChat in the list of available apps and click Install 7 Once installation is complete, launch VRChat on your Quest 8 While in VRChat, press the home button on your controller 9 Select Share Your Screen 10 A window will pop up on your computer – select Record from here 11 Start recording! To stop recording, just go back into the Oculus app and hit Stop Recording from the Share Your Screen menu.

That’s all there is to it!

How Do I Record in Vrc Quest 2?

You can record in VRC Quest 2 by using the included recording software. This software allows you to record your gameplay, as well as take screenshots and videos. To access the recording software, open the VRC menu and select the “Record” option.

How Do I Record Tiktoks Vrchat?

There are a few ways to record Tiktoks in VRChat. The most common method is to use a screen recording tool like OBS or XSplit. To do this, you’ll need to launch the game in windowed mode and position the recording window over the game area.

Once you’ve done that, you can start recording your gameplay. Another way to record Tiktoks is by using a dedicated VR capture card like the HTC Vive’s Capture Card or the Oculus Rift’s Capture Card. These cards allow you to record gameplay directly from your VR headset, giving you a high-quality video of your gameplay.

However, they can be quite expensive and may not be worth the investment if you’re only planning on recording occasional Tiktoks. Finally, there are some mobile apps that allow you to record VRChat gameplay on your phone. One example is the app BigscreenVR, which lets you stream and record gameplay from any PC-based VR game including VRChat.

While mobile apps don’t usually provide as high quality as dedicated tools like OBS or capture cards, they can be a convenient way to record Tiktoks if you’re playing on a mobile headset like GearVR or Oculus Go.


If you’re looking to record in VRChat, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset. Then, you’ll need to download the VRChat software and install it on your computer.

Once that’s done, you can launch VRChat and start recording your gameplay. To record in VRChat, all you need to do is hit the record button on the main menu. This will start recording your gameplay automatically.

You can then access your recordings by going to the “Recordings” tab in theVRChat menusettings. From here, you can watch your recordings, edit them, and share them with other users.

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