How to Use Alternate Signs Witcher 3

If you find yourself at a loss for what to do next in Witcher 3, consider using alternate signs. These can be very helpful in a number of situations. For example, if you need to get past a group of enemies, you can use the Aard sign to create a shield and make your escape.

If you’re trying to reach something high up, you can use the Igni sign to create a burst of fire that will propel you upward. There are many other uses for alternate signs as well, so experiment and see what works best for you.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt How To Unlock Alternative Sign Mode

  • To use alternate signs in Witcher 3, first equip the sign you want to use from your signs quick slot
  • Find a suitable place to cast the sign – you will need a flat surface with no obstacles in the way
  • Aim at the spot where you want to cast the sign and hold down the corresponding button on your controller (LT for Aard, RT for Igni, RB for Quen)
  • Release the button when the casting animation is complete and your character will perform the sign’s alternate function
How to Use Alternate Signs Witcher 3


Q: How Do I Use Alternate Signs in Witcher 3

Assuming you are referring to the alternate signs for Geralt, they work similarly to how they did in Witcher 2. In the pause menu, under Signs, you will see two rows of signs – the top row being your standard signs and the bottom row being your alternate versions. To use an alternate sign, simply hold down LT (Xbox One) / L2 (PS4) while pressing the appropriate face button for that sign.

For example, holding LT/L2 and pressing X will cast Igni’s Flame Burst ability instead of its regular Igni firestream ability.


In The Witcher 3, you can use alternate signs to create powerful effects. Igni is a common sign that allows you to set enemies on fire, but there are other signs that offer different benefits. For example, Quen provides a temporary shield that protects you from incoming damage.

If you know how to use these signs correctly, they can give you a significant advantage in battle.

How to Use Alternate Signs Witcher 3

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